We are set apart for God

We are His Holy people. He wants us to Himself and wants us to live in His royal abundance.

God is good news love is a verb two thirds of God is go Old Testament good news was follow the law New Testament good news is even when you fall from following the law, Christ blood covers your weak spots.

The spirit is God (Power, truth, life) and Christs perfect righteousness already in us. . Our soul is where we are at now. The difference between ourselves (soul) and the guiding light in the spirit and truth of the still small voice is we follow for peace. When the distance (dissonance) is too great, depression and other dis-eases are near.

We're supposed to rule and reign on planet earth. "If you speak to this mountain and believe and don't doubt in your heart, it will move."
We decide what we believe. Fear or faith. Doubt is belief in something other than Gods best. Out attention and focus grow things... "Visible things are made of the invisible". God uses same kind of faith He wants us to use. Christ in us can do....

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