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 Subject :Parenting Advice..
06-01-2010 21:31:09 
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Fun Bonding with Boys

Spend some alone time.

Make a date and put it on the calendar.

Play Charades.

Stare at him without a word.

Wear some cologne that he likes.

Play “Therapy” on a tough day.

Make him smell something you smell.

Let him plan a menu and help him cook it.

Put a surprise somewhere and tell him where to find it.

Put a worm in his bed.

Take him to play laser tag or paint ball.

Put a friendly note in his lunch box.

Name a tree after him.

Play balloon ball inside the house.

Ask his opinion.

Make him a special meal.

Help him organize his room.

Glare at him.

Repeat his exact words after he speaks.

Imitate him.

Threaten to embarrass him in fun.

Build him something with your hands.

Put a Post-It note anywhere for him to see.

Let him pick out a family friendly movie: Explain an inappropriate movie is like taking fine ingredients for a cake and mixing it with a leftover poop-cleaning spoon.

Thanksgiving Place the Christmas Elf in a prominent place to be a seer until the New Year.

Read a story to him.

Put a place card at his place at the dinner table.

Put stones in his shoes and deny any knowledge.

Put a "Welcome Home" banner on the house unexpectedly.

Make up a song about him and sing it to him.

Say a poem with his name in it.

Get the Classical Conversations educational CD and improve his education easily, and ten-fold.

Draw a picture of you and your son doing something fun.

Unplug the TV and tell him you are the entertainment for the night.

Split a large bag of M&M's with him right before dinner.

Take him to work for a day.

Give him an autographed picture of you.

Write messages on the windows with dry-erase markers.

Put messages on trees along the path to somewhere.

Drop all you are doing and listen to him.

Touch is important:  Pinch and Poke, Press and Grab, Hug and tickle, Squish and Sit, Kiss and Twist, Pet and Scratch, Hold hands and Carry, Wrestle and Tussle.

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